Caring for our luxury claw clips is very important, as you want to keep these accessories for long term. It is normal for hairspray and other hair products to build up on the clips, so cleaning them properly is recommended.


Gently dip the clip in a shampoo and water mixture and scrub softly with a toothbrush, or soft bristle brush until the debris is gone.


After cleaning, towel dry and  leave the clip out to completely air dry so the spring does not rust. Continue using daily and showing off your luxe hair accessory.



We recommend dry cleaning, as silk is typically always dry cleaned or hand washed. Although our pillowcases are pure silk, they are machine washable safe. To keep your silk products long lasting: 

Dry Clean


Hand Wash in cold water


No bleach


No trichloroethylene


Machine wash delicate 30°C (86°F)


pH neutral liquid detergent


Air dry (do not tumble dry)


Iron on low heat

If not cared for properly, the silk can harden in just one wash. Extra care for your silk pillowcase,  will result in extra care for you. Handle with care and enjoy all the amazing benefits the pillow case provides.